Coaching and Consulting Services


Through my work as a product leader, consultant, and author, I have come to believe that communication and collaboration are critical—and teachable—skills. I am happy to offer coaching and consulting services for individuals, teams, and organizations who are interested in learning how they can work together to better serve the needs of their customers.

Some of the problems I’ve helped individuals and teams solve through coaching and consulting work include:

  • Improving communication and alignment on cross-functional teams

  • Clarifying product management roles, responsibilities, and skills to improve hiring and evaluation practices

  • Creating a culture of retrospection and continuous improvement (ie, escaping the “Frameworks Trap”)

  • Minimizing busywork (such as decks and documentation) and maximizing the delivery of valuable software to customers

  • Setting actionable goals using OKRs and KPIs

  • Co-creating a “North Star” of Agile principles and values to guide the implementation of frameworks and practices

Below is a general breakdown of my coaching, consulting, and training services—but I’m always open to exploring new approaches. If you’re interested in discussing how we might work together, please drop me a line at or use the contact form on this site. Even if I’m not the right person for the job, I might know the right person for the job—and I’m always happy to hear from you!


Are you a product manager hoping to step up your individual practice? An organizational leader looking for concrete ways to model the values of your digital or Agile transformation? Are you dealing with communication challenges that are stopping you from doing your best work? Let’s talk!


Are you struggling to put the right processes in place to encourage customer-centricity, collaboration, and clear communication for your team? Let’s talk! Whether you are a product team adopting formalized Agile practices, a marketing team looking to streamline and improve communication, or an early-stage startup putting together your first product roadmap, I can help!


Is your organization looking to skill up an entire role or function? Or to build a common language and connective processes across roles or functions? Let’s talk! I would love to discuss how we can put together a workshop or series of workshops to meet your specific needs.