If you are interested in bringing me in to speak at your event or organization, please contact speaking@mattlemay.com.

Over the last decade, I have had the pleasure of speaking for worldwide audiences at events including Mind the Product, Dreamforce, Oracle OpenWorld, the Wharton Web Conference, and IgniteNYC. I have extensive experience engaging audiences large and small around topics ranging form data and technology to organizational culture and communication. Additional video samples are available on request.

Here are some of the topics about which I am often asked to speak:

  • Product Management
    As a published author and internationally recognized expert on product management, I am often invited to speak on the evolving nature of the product management role, organizational strategies for empowering product managers, and tactics for real-world success. Read a transcript from my talk “The Past and Future of Product Management” at the American Press Institute’s yearly gathering of newsroom product managers here.

  • Agile Beyond Product and Engineering Teams
    My book Agile for Everybody speaks directly to the importance of extending Agile principles and practices beyond product and engineering teams. These talks are a great opportunity to align large, cross-functional groups around a shared vision for Agile transformation. Read a modified transcript from my talk “Your Company Keeps Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again, and It Doesn’t Work, and Here’s Why” at O’Reilly Radar 2018 here.

  • Team Communication and Psychological Safety
    Psychological safety is a key indicator of team health and performance—and yet it still proves largely elusive. These talks provide tactical advice for teams looking to understand and achieve psychological safety. Read a transcript from my talk “Why is Psychological Safety at Odds With the Way We Work?” at Mind the Product’s Product Leadership Day here.

  • The Human Side of Big Data and Machine Learning
    Having worked on data-driven products such as Bitly and Songza, I have developed a unique and accessible perspective on how organizations can work together to understand and leverage customer data.

  • Music, Culture, and More!
    It is always a pleasure to speak on more off-beat topics, and I am happy to work with your organization on crafting a unique message that will resonate with your audience. You can watch one of my favorite talks I’ve given about the relationship between music and product, “My New Software Company,” here.