Agile for Everybody
(O'Reilly Media, 2018)

Agile for Everybody makes the principles and practices of the Agile movement accessible and actionable to everybody in a modern organization, from product managers and engineers to marketers and executives. Including real-world stories from Agile practitioners at companies like IBM, Spotify, and Coca-Cola, Agile for Everybody provides a jargon-free blueprint for how teams and organizations of all time can become faster, more flexible, and more customer-focused.

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Product Management in Practice
(O'Reilly Media, 2017)

Product Management in Practice is a real-world guide to the day-to-day practice of product management. Incorporating stories from working product managers across industries and company sizes, this book focuses on the mission-critical connective skills that all product managers must develop to succeed in their work. Simply put, this is the book I wish somebody had handed me when I started working as a product manager. 

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The asynchronous communication tools preferred by most organizations are exacting an enormous and largely unseen toll.

The quest for small, fast, and autonomous teams is creating fragmented, confusing, and disjointed experiences.

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Why customer insights, not robot guitars, are the future of the musical instrument business.

Why your company's sink is full of dirty dishes.

Redefining product management as a connective role.

podcast appearances AND INTERVIEWS:

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On the CORE skills of product management (Communication, Organization, Research and Execution)

On the CORE skills of product management (Communication, Organization, Research and Execution)

"Navigating Human Complexity Is Product Management."

"The Art of Active Listening and Product Management"